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We are eternal 

In Love & In Spirit

Welcome to My Soul Circle Tribe!

This free connected community.

Members of my Soul Circle Tribe have access to:

  • A monthly message from spirit

  • Weekly web circle where I will give messages, answer questions and share.

  • Weekly healing and prayer circle to gain and send out loving support

  • Videos from my Vlog that can cover just about anything!

  • Ask Angel forum where I will answer questions and engage in discussions.  A great place to interact with soul explorers!

some sample videos

Hello and welcome to my Soul Circle Tribe

When I lost my mother in 2018 I was devastated.  The healing was (and continues to be) very difficult for me.  I found myself considering the importance of having that Connection to Spirit is when working through the grieving process.  As I stepped back into the work after a break to heal and recover, I wanted to do more in my support of the community.  I wanted to give a platform for growth, connection and support where people would be able to plug-in when needed and get that love and healing they need.

I created Soul Circle Tribe to provide a resource for you.  A place where you can talk, grow, get support, share about loss, grief or anything from our spiritual library.  

I created this place as a safe place for you to come and be free in your spiritual experience.  

I created this place to help you heal.